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Like engineering, there are lots of students aspiring architecture course. 

Learning architecture is a gateway to several options of work. You can choose from the traditional sense of practicing like, design a house, facelift a school, craft an office to some newer applications like designing video game or cinematic/TV environments, which are often created by building designers.

Additional relevant career pathways include jobs in, freelance design urban planning, graphic design, construction, and real estate. About 60% of architecture students nowadays obtain a professional license to practice architecture — the rest develop careers in other industries. 

Architecture is truly a career for those who are passionate about their work.

The architecture course is commonly known as B. Arch, i.e. Bachelor of architecture and M. Arch, i.e. masters. 

Some of the specializations in architecture are given below,

  • Designing

  • Construction

  • Information technology

  • Real Estate / Property development

  • Historic preservation

  • Architectural Journalism

  • Production drawing

  • Surveying

  • Urban and Regional Planning

  • Contact administration

  • Model making

  • Arbitrators

Most of the engineeing college will also have architecture as a program, sometimes with a different name. Top architecture colleges.

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