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EDP - Parent's Guide - Study Abroad

Things you need to know as a parent to send your child abroad for studies. 

This is one of the greatest decisions you will ever make for your child's future. Getting a degree from a foreign country means a lot, it will broaden the mindset of your kid and also will get an international exposure that will help your child to mold a better future. As a parent, your responsibility is to help and support your child for the decision they make. 

  • What is your role as a parent?

It is crucial to understand the motivation behind the decision. And also you need to have an active part in the decision-making process to make sure their choice is perfect. 

  • Open discussions with your child

You need to find out what exactly is your kid looking for. Open discussions need to be done to find out what is your kid's motivation to correct or support it. 

  • Do thorough research

Your responsibility as a parent is to find out the course, university and the country your child is interested in. Then do the deep research on its pros and cons before you make the decision. 

  • Identify the challenges your kid and you are going to meet.

Talk to family or friends who is already been to abroad for studies, and understand the problems and opportunities in the country where your child is planning to go. 

  • Seek expert advice 

Once you have a basic idea about what you are looking at, it is time to hear the suggestions from the experts. We have well experienced and educated professionals to help you with this part. Book an appointment with our E. Counselor and get free counseling. 

  • Know how much you will have to spend

Now it is time to think about the budget. The expense for a particular program varies from country to country, and university to university. So, based on your financial status, our E. Counselor will help you identify the best available option. And, it not only the university fee you need to calculate, but there are also a lot more things you need to consider when you send your kid to a foreign country for studies, like food, stay, insurance, travel expenses, etc. We will help you calculate the overall budget for the successful completion of your child's studies. 

  • Planning

Now you have an overview of the tasks to be completed to send your child abroad. So, you need to make a detailed plan of university selection, course selection, country selection, visa processing, financial arrangements, etc.. Our E. Counselor will help you with all these. 

Health check-up. 

It is very important to take care of their health before they leave. Do a detailed medical check-up. Do allergy tests if the kid is allergic to any medicine or food, check the weather of the country and arrange required clothing and medicines. Keep medical documents ready if any, extra spectacle if applicable. If there any medication, keep the original prescription and original medicine containers along with medicines. 

Travel Insurance. 

Travel insurance is very important when traveling abroad. Make sure your child has the best travel insurance. Update your child on basic travel safety tips. Check for common diseases in their study destination and make sure they are vaccinated before they leave. Tech about local rules to be followed and international student's rights. Research and learn about the dos and don'ts in the new destination. 

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Trending countries.

Almost all the countries offering student visas for international students. The topmost desired destination for international students is the USA, followed by Canada, UK, Australia etc... There are hundreds of thousands of students studying in these countries from India. 

Why study MBBS Abroad?

To understand why to go abroad to study MBBS, we must first understand the situation of studying MBBS in India. There are approximately 50,000 MBBS seats available all over in India whereas 10 lakh students appear in various All India and state level entrance tests every year.

Why study


When you hear "Study Abroad" the first thing comes in mind is "Why". And, it's quite natural. When we have everything in India, why go abroad. Well, there are lots of reasons.

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