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There are lots of colleges and multiple courses when it comes to engineering. Hundreds of thousands of students are being graduated every year.
As per the results of a survey across India, around 880 thousand students were enrolled in computer science engineering disciplines in the academic year 2019. The second highly sought after engineering discipline was mechanical with about 782 thousand students for the same year. With a gross enrolment of 630 thousand students, electronics engineering is in the third position. 536 thousand students joined civil engineering in 2019. More than 394 thousand students joined electrical engineering in the same year. [data is acquired from]

What does it mean, two things we can understand from this,
1. These five engineering courses are the most demanding
2. There are lots of engineers are made out of these five branches, hence the competition in the job market is comparatively high.

Top trending engineering courses.
·  Computer Science Engineering
·  Mechanical Engineering
·  Electronics Engineering
·  Civil Engineering
·  Electrical Engineering
·  Chemical Engineering
·  Biomedical Engineering
·  Aerospace or aeronautical engineering
·  Information science engineering
·  Industrial Engineering and Management
·  Telecommunication
·  Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

IndiaToday had reported that 94% of the engineering graduates are not employable, The economic times had reported that 7% of the total students are only employable. It indicates that the vast majority of the students are not being trained properly.
That is the reason you need to be very careful about when you select a college or university to pursue your program.
To find out if you will get a good paying and growing career once you finish your studies, you can always look at history. Yes, that is right, the placement history. Because history is what repeat always.
So, here we have added some details of some colleges, the crucial part where we have worked is in the placement history. Because, without proper training, an institution cannot give proper placement. And also we need to know if they are improving the quality consistently.
And that is how you choose your best option.!
That is where you want to spend your coming four years…!
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