How to select a course?

Difficult to select a course? 

It was the same for a lot of us!

Choosing a university course is one of the first and most important decisions a student makes. Your enjoyment of your course has a huge bearing on your overall university experience and performance. Each course has different and unique parts — from the subjects to the campus location, to the career it will take you.

Here’s how to start on finding the right course for you:

  • Choose the right subjects. Yes, some of us apply to a university knowing exactly what we want to study. But most of us face the challenge of seeing a huge variety of courses and subject areas. Firstly, list down your skills and interests, spend some time thinking upon it. Secondly, highlight the ones that seems promising enough to pursue as a career and eliminate other options. For instance, if you are good with numbers, you can go for courses in economics and accounting, or if you are eager to serve people, you can choose courses in the healthcare sector like nursing, physiotherapy, etc.

  • Find the type of course that fits you. Do you want to study arts or in science stream? Or are you interested in a joint honor?
    Do you need to study a Foundation Year or Access Course first? 
    How about an integrated master, placement year or year abroad?

  • Decide how to study your chosen course. Decide how to study the course you chose. There are different ways to pursue the program which includes, accelerated degrees, distance education, and degree apprenticeships.

  • Count on your career options. Graduate prospects vary depending on which subject area you choose to pursue.

  • List down your final options. Based on your are of interest, choose around four to five courses and apply your career interest and finally  select the best that fits

  • Selecting the college/university: When you are selecting a place to study, consider the reputation, ranking, location, placement, and expense to pursue the program.

  • Submit your application! Check out the eligibility and apply for the program on time.

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