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Apply for Admission in College/University

This is the foremost step towards your dream to study in New Zealand. There exist hundreds of colleges and universities to choose from in New Zealand. You will find many colleges/universities offering the courses that you are interested in. We will help you get the right option for your choice of program. Once you have decided what and where you wish to study, complete the application to the institution of your choice. While applying for admission, you will be required to submit a few documents, including the proof of your previous academic qualifications, and in the majority of cases, you need to submit proof of your English language ability. Now, wait for your offer letter to move towards the next step of your New Zealand Student Visa Process.

Health Checkup and PCC

After receiving your offer letter from an institution, you will need to undergo a medical examination by one of the doctors approved by Immigration New Zealand. A list of doctors approved by the panel can be found by visiting the link given below: At the same time, you will need to arrange for your Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from Regional Passport office or the Deputy Commissioner of Police of your area.

Visa Application

If you want to study a full-time course in New Zealand that’s longer than three months in total duration, you’ll need a student visa.

Depending on your visa conditions, you may be able to work up to 20 hours a week during the term and full-time over the holidays. 

Fees for New Zealand Student Visa – NZ $270 (INR 13,182.63)

Pathway visas

A Pathway Student Visa is for international students who want to study up to 3 consecutive programs of study with approved education providers on a single visa.

Pilot project

The Pathway Student Visa pilot was introduced in December 2015 to enable international students to study up to 3 consecutive courses on a single student visa for up to 5 years. The visa is only available for study with approved Pathway education providers and for some courses of study. 

What students can do on this visa

Students can:

  • stay for up to 5 years

  • study up to 3 courses, one after the other on a single student visa

  • work part-time for up to 20 hours a week while they are studying and full time in the holidays, depending on their course of study.

How it works for students

Pathway Student Visas are long enough to complete a qualification plan. To stay in New Zealand on a Pathway Student Visa, students still need to meet the pre-requisites for any second and third courses on their study pathway.

The Pathway Student Visa:

  • reduces cost and hassle

  • provides certainty for students and their families

  • lets students concentrate on their studies rather than having to worry about visa applications, and

  • makes the transition between courses of study smoother.

To lodge your visa application for a New Zealand student visa, you will need to provide the documents given in the checklist provided below

  1. You must provide proof of your identity

  2. You must be in good health

  3. You must be of good character

  4. You must genuinely intend to meet the conditions of your visa

  5. You must have an offer of place from an approved education provider

  6. Unless you’re exempt, you must have enough money to pay your tuition fees

  7. You must have full medical and travel insurance for the length of your stay

  8. You must be able to show that you’re passing your course and meeting your attendance requirements

  9. You must have enough money to live on while you’re in New Zealand

  10. You must have a ticket to leave New Zealand or be sponsored for the cost of your onward travel

  11. If you are aged 9 or younger you must be accompanied by your parent or legal guardian unless you will live in an NZQA approved school hostel

  12. If you're aged 16 or 17, or in years 12 or 13 of secondary school, you must have written permission to work

  13. You must provide information about your holidays and your course

  14. If you’re required to do practical work experience as part of your course, you must provide evidence that it’s a course requirement


Concerning your financials, it is strongly suggested that you can take advantage of the FTS (Funds Transfer Scheme), which is being offered by the ANZ bank.

The benefits of using the FTS are:

  • It guarantees that the student will have access to sufficient capital to meet the cost of living in New Zealand

  • Applications that are submitted under this scheme will not be subjected to in-depth fund assessments thereby reducing processing times


Pay Tuition Fees

After lodgment of your visa applications, and once we have informed you that you have received “Approval in Principal” of your visa from the New Zealand Government, you will be required to pay your first (1st) year’s tuition fees as mentioned in your offer letter

You can choose to pay this fee through Telegraphic Transfer (TT) at this stage; those students using the FTS will also need to transfer their living expenses contribution into their ANZ bank account. 

Visa Issuance 

You will be notified of the outcome of your visa application on your email and you can then collect your passport. Now is the time for you to start planning your travel and accommodation for New Zealand!

Pre-Departure Orientation

You will be fed with the information that will help you during the journey and in the new environment like the transportation system, weather conditions, accommodation, culture and lifestyle of your destination to avoid facing difficulties.


Fly to Your Dream Destination

With EDP, you fly hassle-free. We help you to organize your travel arrangements including foreign currency, insurance, air ticket, and international mobile number.

The journey doesn’t stop here. We are concerned with the successful completion of your course and bright employment opportunities also.

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If you want to experience the best education with affordable fees, New Zealand is one of the best options. New Zealand is one of the safest and most beautiful countries in the world. With excellent study opportunities world-class education, low cost of living and exclusive facilities the country has become one of the most attractive destinations for international students. New Zealand houses eight universities/institutes that offer more than 40 programs.

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