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EDP - Education Development Program a subsidiary brand of IEDP Pvt Ltd operates in three major services in the higher education sector. Study in India, Study Abroad and Competitive examination training. See below how our process for each service is carried out.  

Study Abroad

Finding the best-fit university in a foreign country takes time, effort and expertise. See our International Admission Process.

Study Bangalore

Getting admission to your dream university or a college is highly competitive today.  See how our Admission Process will help you.

Exam Training

You need to have at least one examination eligibility to apply for most of the countries. See how our Exam Training Process works for you.

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International Admission Process

The general process to get into an university in Aborad is almost the same in every Country. Here we have depicted the process. And what is our role as an education advisor. 


Why study  Abroad?

When you hear "Study Abroad" the first thing comes in mind is "Why". And, it's quite natural. When we have everything in India, why go abroad. Well, there are lots of reasons.

Study in Bangalore Admission Process


To get admission in a top-ranking college, it is always competitive. But with the right preparation, documentation, and expertise, it is easier.  Use our years of experience and expertise in the industry for your goal achievement. See our process below, and call us now to get on the top of the list. 

Study in Bangalore?

Bangalore is an education hub. There are lot of colleges and universities in the city. Check some of the bests. Find out the eligibility, admission process, fees etc 

Competitive Examination Training


Getting training for an examination is very much easier than before as there are a huge number of online and offline training centers. A very good number of them gives the best training in the city. 

But, why should you study with us? Well, read further,


Advantages of studying with EDP

  1. Save "Time, Effort and Money" by attending the training sitting at home. Starting from registration until the examination the complete training is carried out online.

  2. Full amount refund policy if you don't pass the exam and wish to leave the training [Check refund policies].

  3. You can select your best available schedule to attend the online classes. 

  4. Access to a wide range of institutions and freelance trainers with a discounted fee. 

  5. Access to classes from all over the planet. 

  6. The only requirement is a good internet connection with a smartphone. 

  7. Association with multiple numbers of trainers and reputed institutions to choose from. 

  8. General and Premium training plans for the best result. 

  9. Discounted training fees from leading training centers from the city


Read our exams section for detailed information.

The process to attend our training program is given below.

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Study Abroad

Study in Bangalore

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