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Why Study Abroad?

When you hear "Study Abroad" the first thing comes in mind is "Why". And, it's quite natural. When we have everything in India, why go abroad. Well, there are lots of reasons. Read more...

EDP International Student's Guide

It is important to understand what exactly it takes to study abroad. And we know what exactly it takes. The process begins with choosing the course, country, and institution. Read more...

Popular Countries

There is always this question, "Why this country or Why not this country?" Well, we will help you to find out the answer. Read more...

Why EDP?

We help students to connect with the right university in the right country with the right program. Our modus operandi is not just doing our best, It is doing what it takes.  Read more...

EDP Study Abroad Parent's Guide

We very well understand that as a parent you are always concerned about your child. And sending your child abroad is a tough decision to make. 


World University Ranking

College and university rankings are rankings of institutions in higher education that have been ranked on the basis of various factors and combinations of various parameters. Read more...

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