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To understand why to go abroad to study MBBS, we must first understand the situation of studying MBBS in India. 

Some important facts about MBBS in India.

There are approximately 50,000 MBBS seats available all over in India whereas 10 lakh students appear in various All India and state level entrance tests every year.

  • It implies that every year, only an approximate of 5% of the students aspiring to become a doctor will achieve their goals.

  • There are a total of 335 medical colleges in India out of which 181 are private institutions and 154 are run by the government.

  • Most of the private institutes have a capitation fee ranging from 15 to 20 lakhs with a yearly fee of 4 to 5 lakhs. For any middle-class family, even if the student secures a seat through entrance tests, MBBS remains a forbidden fruit due to the astronomical fee structure of the private institutes. 


Now, for a student to choose to study MBBS in abroad is that the expense to pursue the program is very low compared to Indian medical colleges or universities. If you can study in a foreign medical college with MCI approval, you can be an MBBS degree holder at a very low cost. Though to study MBBS in Abroad is not at all the priority of any Indian student. However, MBBS in Abroad happens to be a great option for the students who are dreamed to be a doctor. There are around 10,000 Indian students who get admission to MBBS Abroad every year in 12 different countries. The medical universities in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany, and many other countries follow the international curriculum. The universities in these countries are approved by the major organizations like WHO and enlisted with MCI.


Key Advantages of studying MBBS Abroad

  • Cost-effectiveness- Aspirants who want to become a doctor, could become one in a very low cost compared to Indian Colleges.

  • No Capitation Fee - In India, the medical colleges charge a lot of money as donations. But you don't need to pay a single dime as the donation to get admission for as MBBS admission in a foreign medical college. 

  • No entrance test is required- To get MBBS admission in Abroad, you only need to secure a minimum of 50% in their 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. You don’t even need to clear an entrance examination such as IELTS and TOEFL.

  • Low cost of living- This factor is highly dependent on your lifestyle. The majority of foreign countries that are offering MBBS in Abroad are from Europe, where the cost of living is low. 

  • State of the art Infrastructure- Medical universities of Abroad offer world-class Infrastructure with all the latest equipment.

  • International Exposure- It is very important to note the advantages of international exposure while studying. You will meet a bunch of students from different countries, ethnicity, and background in the Top Medical Universities Abroad. Getting international exposure before you get into a job will change your life. You will see and experience a whole lot of different incidents in your small age. You will be interacting with a crowd of different languages and cultures on a global scale, which will help you to understand the world from a very different perspective. And also you will be learning to manage your studies while working, which is going to give you more confidence and self-respect. 

  • English Taught Programs- Medical universities of Abroad use the English language as the medium of education. It’s not mandatory for students to learn the local language of the country to study MBBS in that country. However, it is beneficial for the students and assists them in their holistic development.

Countries offering MBBS



$2000 - $4500 per year

MCI approved 45 colleges

Per month living cost $150 - $400 approx


8.1L  - 9.5L per year

MCI Approved 5 colleges

Per month living cost 5k to 10K INR approx


$3000 - $6500 per year

MCI Approved 53 colleges

Per month living cost $200 - $400 approx


$4000 - $7000 per year

MCI Approved 7 colleges

Per month living cost $100 approx


$2900 - $9000 per year

MCI Approved 42 colleges

Per month living cost $200 - $300 approx


$3500 - $8000 per year

MCI Approved 25 colleges

Per month living cost $150 - $200 approx


$2500 - $5000 per year

MCI Approved 16 colleges

Per month living cost $200 - $250 approx


$2500 - $4000 per year

MCI Approved 6 colleges

Per month living cost $100 approx

Things you must know before you plan to study MBBS abroad

In India, the competition is very high when it comes to getting an admission in a medical college for MBBS. 

Trending countries.

Almost all the countries offering student visas for international students. The topmost desired destination for international students is the USA, followed by Canada, UK, Australia etc... 

Why study MBBS Abroad?

To understand why to go abroad to study MBBS, we must first understand the situation of studying MBBS in India. There are approximately 50,000 MBBS seats available all over in India whereas 10 lakh students appear in various 

Why study  Abroad?

When you hear "Study Abroad" the first thing comes in mind is "Why". And, it's quite natural. When we have everything in India, why go abroad. Well, there are lots of reasons.

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