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In India, the competition is very high when it comes to getting an admission in a medical college for MBBS. The entrance exam is very tough and the number of available seats for the contestants are very huge in comparison with the available seats. Nearly 5% of the total applicants can pursue their program as they dreamed. That is why the importance of studying MBBS abroad. When we think of pursuing a program like MBBS abroad, there are multiple questions comes in our mind. Like, which is the best country to select? What would be the cost? Can I work in India after I come back? Is there any entrance exam I need to attend to work in India? Is the university or college I choose to study has required affiliation? What are the important factors I should consider when I select a country and college? So, we are going to look at all of your doubts and get you the best available choice based on your requirements. 


In many foreign countries, it is very easy to get admission to medicine program for good and even for average students. If students select good and reliable medical colleges and if they work hard, they can achieve their aim and goals. 

Which are the Countries offering good and reliable medical education abroad?

China, Ukraine, Philippines, Kirghistan, Georgia, Central America, Tajikistan are the prominent countries that are giving good medical education without donations and any entrance examination. There are thousands of Indian students are going abroad to study MBBS every year. If you are brave enough to take your MBBS course in those foreign countries, you can successfully complete your course within 15-25 lakhs including all expenditures. Students can come back to India with MBBS Degree successfully in stipulated time. Then they have to undergo a screening test in India to start their practice as a doctor. 

Eligibility criteria to study medicine course abroad

You need to have at least 17 years of age on Dec 31st of the year you plan to join. The student must possess a pass certificate in Intermediate or any recognized Board's higher secondary Certificate with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English as subjects and the course also must include practicals for science subjects. The student must study this course with English as a study medium. You also need to secure 50% marks in your higher secondary examination. 

Important things to make sure before you select a college or university to pursue MBBS abroad. 

  • The institution you choose to study must be recognized by MCI(Medical Council of India) or your degree will have no value in India. Check the university you selected to take admission is approved by MCI (Medical Council of India)

  • Make sure that the medium of teaching is English.

  • Have a clear understanding of the tuition fee and other expenses that you are going to meet during the period of your course.

  • The duration and the number of semesters to finish the program also need to be acknowledged before you take up the admission.

  • It is suggested to talk to any currently studying student before planning the admission.


Type of University

Generally, all higher education universities including medical schools can be divided into two major categories – public and private. Public universities receive funding from their respective governments, and private universities are under the administration of a private firm. So the ease of getting admission in both is a little different. Therefore, to maximize your chances of getting selected, make sure to check the eligibility criteria as well as the type of university.

University or College Rankings

If you would like to know the general ranking of a particular university, you can check out university rankings published by trusted third-parties like the QS World University Rankings, the U.S. News & World Report, and others. Read more about university ranking

Education Cost

This is one of the most significant deciding factors, as medical education programs are generally expensive. Typically, public medical schools have lower tuition fees compared to private ones. However, the downside is that public universities have more stringent selection criteria. On the other hand, private schools generally offer a larger number of scholarships to candidates. So, while evaluating the costs of medical schools, make sure to consider the percentage of students who receive financial aid in an institution. Remember that tuition fees are just one of the various expenses you will have to pay. The other everyday expenditures include housing, food, transportation, books, and other living expenses. Consider this in your calculation when you are budgeting your studies. 


Apart from the country, the actual location of the university matters a great deal. As a medical student, you are likely to spend 4+ years in the area where your university is situated. So, make sure that you pick a school located in a place where you would be happy living for some time.

Accommodations and Student Lifestyle

As you will be staying in a new country, it’s essential that you inquire about accommodations and other facilities provided for students while evaluating medical schools. Check whether your preferred school offers on-campus accommodation for students, and, if yes, make sure to inquire about the cost. Some medical schools provide mixed housing, while others are gender-segregated.

If there are no accommodations available on campus, then find out whether there are any student-preferred localities nearby. And, don’t forget to know about the transport facilities from the hostel to the university.

Infrastructure and Faculty

This is another important criterion to consider. Does the medical school have required laboratories? Is it attached to an outpatient hospital? Does it receive sufficient patients for students to get extensive exposure to a variety of clinical work.? Make an educated decision.

Good Luck.

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Why study MBBS Abroad?

To understand why to go abroad to study MBBS, we must first understand the situation of studying MBBS in India. There are approximately 50,000 MBBS seats available all over in India whereas 10 lakh students appear in various All India and state level entrance tests every year.

Countries that offer MBBS for less fee than India.

In many foreign countries, it is very easy to get admission to a medicine program for good and even for average students. 

Trending countries.

Almost all the countries offering student visas for international students. The topmost desired destination for international students is the USA, followed by Canada, UK, Australia etc... 

Why study MBBS Abroad?

To understand why to go abroad to study MBBS, we must first understand the situation of studying MBBS in India. There are approximately 50,000 MBBS seats available all over in India whereas 10 lakh students appear in various 

Why study  Abroad?

When you hear "Study Abroad" the first thing comes in mind is "Why". And, it's quite natural. When we have everything in India, why go abroad. Well, there are lots of reasons.

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